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Till · human · voices · wake · us...

...and we drown.

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the thought of you keeps me awake
why is it i that is cursed with this ache?
we are both equally to blame
i'll gladly take the fall and all of its shame
at what cost will i be
cast aside and set free
from this burden i will walk
not knowing how these feelings will always stalk
confused confused
so long, lonesome
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A walk toward the sea
an indefinite swim
the ocean of life surrounds thee
conquering every bone every limb
in shades of blue and green
the mortal soul vanishes
stars glitter above the scene
another existence relinquishes
the waves stand calm and serene
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i saw a ghost last night
he showed me my dreams
the ones that once shone so bright
the ones that used to beam

he laid out my future
and i chose no to watch
my body begging for nurture
my soul could no longer match

he spent only an evening
removing his paranormal to reveal the truth
he left me in the moon weaning
the world around us oblivious and aloof

i saw a ghost last night
never a fear in my being
he showed me my wrong and my right
so soon his darkness left fleeing
creative creative
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